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Posted on: February 11, 2009

Well I am sure all those that look to sceptical blogs will be aware of Jeni Barnett’s comments on the MMR vaccine and Ben Goldacre’s responce and then the LBC’s responce etc.  Well I feel the only way we can make sure companies start to pay attention to the material they release is to complain so I did.

I have just heard Jeni Barnett’s rant about the MMR vaccine and consider
it hugely irresponsible and disgusting that you allow her opinion on the
subject to be broadcast. When Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand broadcast
an ill advised practical joke they were put off the air.
Jeni Barnett has shown arrogance and prejudice about a subject that she
clearly knows very little. Measles is not a trivial infection for
everyone who gets it. Some will have brain damage, some will die.
Perhaps next time one of your staff decide to go on the air telling
people not to seek the correct medical attention and advice they should
learn the facts first.
As her employer you are responsible for the content that she produces
and should make a clear stand by issuing a statement in contrast to her
opinion and removing her from the air before she does anymore damage.
There are times when opinions can be wrong and can be damaging. This is
one of them.

The LBC were good enough to respond;

The incident you refer to happened four weeks ago. The presenter was
given robust feedback about her performance straight afterwards. She is
entitled to have her own views but must present a balanced debate. Since
then the subject of MMR has been discussed several times on LBC without
any comment from bad science or any other quarter. At the time of the
original broadcast I received three complaints. We take the subject of
MMR and other public health matters extremely seriously.

Jonathan Richards
Programme Director LBC News 1152 & LBC 97.3
Group Head of News Global Radio

Well fair enough I am behind the times, but I’m new to all this so it felt good to put in my two pence worth and get a penny change!Also the more they have to deal with comments like mine the more they will realise you can’t go giving presenters that know nothing about MMR vaccines free reign to give advice or make comment without at least consulting an expert on the subject first.


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