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National Dilution Week

Posted on: June 15, 2009

Yes that’s right, according to the British Homeopathy Association from June 14-21 is Homeopathy Awareness Week. Presumably the less of us that know about it the more powerful effect this week will have on the community.

So to help raise awareness here are the two basic rules of homeopathy;

Like cures like, so if you take something and it makes you alert, like caffeine, this will cure you if you are having trouble sleeping. Seriously I’m not making this up.

The more you dilute something, traditionally in water, the stronger it becomes.

Home made homeo

Take 1 part caffeine to 30 parts water then shake, then add 30 parts water another 100 times, keep shaking, and you have your very own homeopathic sleeping remedy! Lucky you.

This is the nonsense that the NHS decided to spend millions of tax payers cash on last year. And to think of the fuss we made over the expenses scandal!


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