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Attack is the best form of defense.

Posted on: June 25, 2009

I have been taking part in a debate recently on Richard Wiseman’s blog after his post Chiropractic evidence: The curious case of the missing study.

This basically follows on from the British Chiropractic Association who are suing Simon Singh for libel following his comments in a guardian article.

Wiseman points to a controlled study by Olafsdottir and colleagues in 2001 which showed that chiropractic manipulation of the spinal cord worked no better than a placebo when treating infantile colic. This is of course key to the central argument of Simon Singh’s article which is that the BCA do not have the evidence to back up (no pun intended) their claims that they can treat certain types of childhood illnesses.

Richard Wiseman questions;

Yesterday I put in the search terms ‘chiropractic research infant colic’ into Google, and looked at the chiropractic sites that offer evidence about the efficacy of the chiropractic treatment for infant colic. I couldn’t find one that described the Olafsdottir study.

Of course, it is up to them which evidence they list, but I would have thought that a major study like that deserved a mention somewhere.

A perfectly reasonable question to ask and yet in the comments a couple of chiropractors/chiropractics (which is it?) have posted various comments complaining about the LACK of studies published and claiming that they have loads of studies just they are all sat on shelves of hundreds of universities about the land. They complain that big pharma are evil and that it’s all about money. None of the comments tackle the negative study or answer Richard’s initial question as to why chiropractic instiutions fail to mention this study.

Ignoring the evidence and arguing completely irrelevant and alternate points, attacking the source of the argument rather than the argument itself and changing the subject to attack other professions. These are the actions that we are used to seeing from homeopaths, creationalists and cults and now these are the actions we are seeing from chiropractors.

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If only more people would read about this.

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