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This is an example of an about page, I could have edited this to put information about myself or my site so readers know where I’m coming from but I didn’t.

If you are reading this you are expecting to read an about page but you are mistaken. There is no about page. This is about what is in the blog. Read the blog.

Then you will know what it is about. Think of the time you have spent reading this trying to find out what this is about. You could have read one of my posts by now. Or maybe two. I think after two you would have a good idea what it’s all about. OK three. Read three and then come back here if you still don’t get it and then read this again. That should help.

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  • ...WDNGMN?IWEYB. He's also planning a tribute to 'Arry with the name TTP (Top Top Players). Which will be his first. ironic name. 3 years ago
  • And finally, @CJC_101 contemplates his new team name in light of no-one getting last years acronym. One of his choices this year includes... 3 years ago
  • ... All time scores. An AAS spokesman said "If you think about it that makes it worse. More points than anyone else and still no title". 3 years ago
  • Anger for @therealdaddsy as he's denied entry to the AAS Champions League. He storms out of a press conference muttering about... 3 years ago
  • The headlines so far this season: @Roachmeister tries to distract other managers from the first Gameweek by getting married on the same day. 3 years ago

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