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A friend of mine has set up a new blog, In Mind.

Go check it out.

Go on.




Seriously, fuck off already.



Posted on: July 30, 2009

I’m away for a few days with no access to a computer so unfortunately I won’t be able to update the blog.

Stay sceptical.


With all the negative press teenagers get the media would have you believe that Britain’s kids are out of control, knife wielding, hooligans with nothing better to do than take drugs and earn themselves an ASBO.

Well this little study  conducted by Penguin books suggests that perhaps they aren’t all that bad after all, they are happy to say that family and friends are more important than religion and 59% are insightful enough to suggest that religion “has a negative influence on the world”.

That has brightened up my Tuesday afternoon.

…so in celebration heres a film about monkeys;

p.s Happy Darwin Day!